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Magdalene Star-Seed Awakening:

Like many of my Sister Star-Seeds, July 22 marked a day of great sleep and huge dream downloads for me. Mystics around the world know July 22nd as the Feast ...


Trillion Dollar Meditation: For the LOVE of Money (7/7/14 @ 7:11 a.m. pst.)

  Do you Love Money?   What was the last amazing thing you did with your money? I bought my house. Paid in FULL. My family has an amazing place ...


How are You Embracing Your Psychic Awareness?

What is Psychic Awareness? It hasn’t always been a popular topic. The idea of mind-reading, seeing the future or communicating with source energy (god/goddess, spirits, or angels) has fueled witch ...

Own Your Magic. Create Your Best Life Now!

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Reiki Master Teacher Certification Training:: Oceanside, CA:: 8/31/14

You’ve Got Healing Power Within You, and it’s TIME We Uncover it ...

Raising Psychic Children

The other day, my son went up to a young woman and ...

Desert Homesteading: Come Help Us with Permaculture, Sustainable Community and Earthship Building

We want to drink water that bursts from the ground beneath our ...

there couldn’t be a better time to get what you want

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What the Heck is Ascension and is it Happening to Me?

The Whole Multiverse Has Gone Conscious If you’re an avid reader of independent media, you’d be hard pressed NOT to hear the word ASCENSION come up. Everyone’s talking about it. The Zombie Apocalypse just might be a manufactured distraction from our ASCENSION experience. Sure, maybe people are becoming zombie-fied due to vaccine-induced brain-injury and over-medication. […]

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Instant Manifestations: Intro to Reiki Deep Healing Meditation Class

  More than ever, we are meeting people who are ready for deep healing. Ready to transform illness and stress into complete Bliss. Ready to open to their purpose and the infinitudes of our human capabilities. And, ready to do the necessary life work to make that happen. This Sunday August 10th, we will share […]

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Forget GMOs, Take Back Your Health — Ferment Stuff (Fermented Foods Videos)

Originally posted on B l i s s e d L i f e:
I got pretty fueled about prop 37. This “opportunity” we had to label GMO food meant (to me) that my friends and family who are not already in the loop about the dangers of these genetically modified foods– would be given…

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Healing Earth’s Autism

Autism is on the Rise Studies tell us that we are at epidemic rates of a mysterious, puzzling disorder called autism (autism spectrum disorder) among humans. But, ever since meeting my son again in this lifetime and experiencing his life with him, I have correlated his way of being with the wonders and the ills […]

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I Dare You To Follow Your Intuition

Originally posted on B l i s s e d L i f e:
Are You Missing A Signal? What would you rather be doing right now? No, no…. I know it would be cool to chill under a shady tree in Fiji while hotties serve you fresh coconuts. What I’m asking is….do you need…

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Unassisted Birth/Free Birth: Violet Sky’s Story

It’s time to share more about our pregnancy and birth. As we prep for our Blissed Life Retreat, Violet and I took some time in front of the camera to share with you. There is so much more I want to share!  

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Unassisted Free Birth: Welcoming Angel Star Child, Violet Sky

Here’s a glimpse of our free birth story. Violet Sky returned earth-side on Dec 8, 2013 at 311 am in the midst of a freezing Joshua Tree windstorm. The little fire-starter wanted nothing to do with the water birth we’d planned. She was born in our RV, amidst some sweet music; Nako Bear, Krishna Das […]

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Unassisted Free Birth: Our Intention

For years, I’ve dreamed of welcoming a child into this world surrounded only by LOVE, music, warmth, and the most supportive people in our life. Just imagining that security of HOME inspires me. I hoped for this with Dougie too. And, for all I knew at the time, I truly did my best to create […]

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Proper Food Combining for Healthy Pregnancy: Putting an End to Morning Sickness

We don’t talk enough about proper food combining in my circles of savvy eaters. So many of my friends and clients are all about eating organic, local, raw, vegan, right for their body/blood type, grass-fed, biodynamic, or whatever. But, when I mention to them that if perhaps they switched up the combos of grub on […]

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Los Angeles Reiki/Energy Healing Workshop: Spirit Guides, Psychic Surgery and More! 8/17

Oh California, we’ve come home and it feels so good to swim in the love and support of our friends, the ocean, the mountains, the trees and the SUNSHINE. After months out of the country and even more time gypsying around the USA, we are BLISSED beyond belief to be where it feels even more […]

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