Home School Lessons Take 1: Dougie Reads


We live and learn in a balance between home school and un-school. We do have some set lessons and routine that helps things go smoothly– although most of the time you can find us learning math by counting the hermit crabs atop the steep hill.

Doug and I write stories for Dougie that incorporate science, religion, math, social studies, history, art, etc.–so that he learns reading comprehension while getting a juicy story.

Dougie is really into making films, and part of our “curriculum” has him making story boards and drawing characters. He LOVES it. He wants to share more with you on camera, so here we go!

This video is just the beginning! We’ll have lots more.

Check out our new online autism healing classes. We’re sharing everything that helped us get to this point!

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Author:Gina LaVerde

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Body Ecology Coach, Medical Intuitive and Autism Activist with a mission to Bliss the World one bite, one buck, one leap at a time. My passion is to help others connect to their truest selves. I travel with my husband and son, offering workshops and events to show you that EVERYONE can live a BLISSED LIFE xoxo

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